Fire and Flood Restoration Hastings

Welcome to The Independent Supplier Network (ISN)

We are a nationwide collaboration of professional builders committed to property reinstatement following incidents of fire, flood, storm, or water leaks. Our mission is to restore your home or business to its pre-damaged state with as little inconvenience to you as possible, ensuring we cover Hastings and all its neighbouring areas.

Our Services

At ISN, we're proud to offer a wide range of restoration services that go beyond addressing fire and flood damage. Whether you're dealing with storm damage, impact damage, or an escape of water, our well-equipped team is prepared to handle various scenarios to ensure your property is effectively restored to its original condition.

Fire Damage Repair

The aftermath of a fire can be profoundly distressing, affecting not only the structure of your property but also personal possessions that hold irreplaceable value. In Hastings, our experienced fire restoration specialists are dedicated to relieving some of this pressure by providing comprehensive repair and restoration services. From addressing water damage that often follows firefighting efforts to remedying the effects of smoke and heat, our network boasts the expertise required to manage all aspects of fire damage repair, no matter the scale.

Flood Damage Restoration Services

With the increasing prevalence of flood damage, especially during the autumn and winter months, ISN has expanded its fleet of flood restoration teams across the UK, including Hastings. We aim to offer timely assistance, whether your property has suffered from minor water leaks or major flooding. The initial step undertaken by our Hastings flood restoration team involves the complete removal of dampness and water from the structure, a critical measure to prevent subsequent issues. Utilising state-of-the-art technology, we ensure your property is thoroughly dried, safeguarding against potential health risks associated with lingering moisture. We will then reinstate your property to its pre-loss condition.

Independent Loss Adjusting Service

ISN advocates for your best interests through our partnership with Independent Loss Adjusters, who operate on behalf of you rather than your insurer. These specialists engage directly with your insurer, aiming to secure the full compensation you deserve. Our collaboration with these adjusters is designed to ensure comprehensive identification and documentation of all damages, thereby maximising your claim's potential by negotiating directly with your insurer. When you appoint us we can cover the fees of our recommended loss adjusters on your behalf.

Obtain a Quote From Our Insurance Approved Builders in Hastings

Should your insurance provider request a quote for building repairs, ISN stands apart as not just any builder. Our specialisation as insurance-approved builders in Hastings focuses on repairing properties affected by a spectrum of damages, including fire, flood, and more. For a detailed quote reflective of our high standards and expertise, please contact us or fill in our online form with your details. We're committed to providing a swift and thorough response.

At ISN, we go beyond mere repairs; we offer a comprehensive support system to guide you through the restoration process. Our commitment ensuring a seamless and worry-free experience for our clients in Hastings. Trust in our expertise to restore not just your property, but also your peace of mind.