About Independent Supplier Network

Welcome to the Independent Supplier Network (ISN) – an innovative addition to the services offered by Independent Loss Adjusters (ILA). With ILA obtaining its FCA license in June 2023, our commitment to enhancing service delivery has led to the creation of ISN, a platform designed to redefine the way we approach insurance claims.

As ILA continues to evolve, ISN emerges as a robust complement, poised to launch as a comprehensive, one-stop platform for insurers, brokers, and the public. What sets ISN apart is its unwavering independence, offering services without external influence on rates or offerings. This ensures users access fair, competitive options without compromise.

Independent Supplier Network cover every conceivable need for claimants and the intricate requirements of insurers, functioning on a dual premise: exhaustive service coverage and an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Cost Management

Leveraging industry experts' knowledge, ISN keeps the claims process economically prudent while maintaining uncompromised quality.

Our goal with ISN is to create a platform that is as educational as it is functional, ensuring every user leaves with their needs fully met and expectations surpassed.

With ILA's continued core services are now enhanced by the ability to obtain actual quotes and arrange work through ISN, we offer Basic Desktop Validation, Detailed Desktop Validation, and Loss Adjuster Visit services. Additionally, with ISN's inception, every report comes with a complimentary quotation from a trusted contractor, supporting the validation provided and ensuring repair or restoration work is planned and executable at a reasonable cost.

This synergy between ILA and ISN aims to offer a cohesive and beneficial experience for all parties involved in the claims management ecosystem. We're excited about this partnership and look forward to discussing how this integrated offering can be tailored to suit your needs. Your feedback is invaluable, and we are eager to explore this further in a meeting. Thank you for considering our expanded services.