Fire and Flood Restoration Exmoor

Welcome to the Independent Supplier Network (ISN)

We are your dedicated team of expert building contractors in Exmoor, specialising in repairs for insurance claims, particularly fire and flood restoration. Our goal is to provide homeowners, landlords, and businesses with the support and expertise needed to navigate through the aftermath of such disasters with ease and efficiency.

Expertise in Fire and Water Damage Restoration

With a wealth of experience in repairing fire and water damage, we at ISN understand the critical importance of quick and effective restoration. Our approach ensures that restoration work begins promptly and is carried out with the utmost care to restore your property to its former condition as swiftly as possible.

Fire Restoration Services

The impact of a fire can be overwhelming, but our fire damage restoration experts in Exmoor are here to ease this burden. Available around the clock, we’re ready to swiftly tackle any fire, water, and smoke damage, ensuring your property is returned to its pre-damage state with minimal delay.

Water Damage Repair Services

Water damage requires immediate attention to prevent further issues. Our Exmoor-based flood restoration team utilises the latest drying technology to address water damage effectively, ensuring your property is thoroughly dried out before we begin the restoration process.

Additional Services

Beyond fire and flood damage, ISN also handles storm, impact, and escape of water damage. Our comprehensive service range is designed to meet all your property restoration needs, offering peace of mind during challenging times.

Why Choose The Independent Supplier Network?

ISN is known for its rigorous selection of qualified and accredited builders, ensuring top-quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every project we undertake, supported by our membership in leading industry associations.

Collaboration with Independent Loss Adjusters

In partnership with Independent Loss Adjusters (, they can ensure your insurance claim captures every aspect of the damage, including hidden issues, to maximise your entitlement. Should you choose our services, ISN will cover the costs of these vital services from our recommended Independent Loss Adjusters, providing added support through your restoration journey.

If you're in Exmoor and need an insurance-approved building repair quote, or simply wish to discuss your restoration needs, ISN is here to help. Contact us directly or submit your details through our 'request a quote' form for prompt assistance.