Fire and Flood Restoration Dunfermline

Welcome to the Independent Supplier Network (ISN)

At ISN we are your trusted building contractors with a focus on restoration work for insurance claims. Expertise in fire and flood damage sets us apart, and our dedicated team in Dunfermline and the nearby areas is on hand to support homeowners, landlords, and businesses through the restoration process.

Expertise in Fire and Water Damage Repair

Our years of experience in dealing with fire and water damage have taught us the critical importance of quick and effective restoration. At ISN, we commit to starting and completing the restoration process as promptly as possible, minimising any disruption to your daily life.

Fire Restoration Services

The aftermath of a fire can be a source of significant stress and upheaval. In Dunfermline, our fire restoration experts are fully committed to returning your property to its condition before the loss, quickly and efficiently securing your property and ensuring it's safe for all.

Water Damage Repair Services

Water damage, arising from a variety of sources, threatens both the integrity of your property and the health of its occupants. Our flood restoration specialists in Dunfermline employ advanced technology to address and rectify water damage, preventing secondary issues like mould and ensuring a thorough drying process before beginning repairs.

Additional Services

Beyond tackling fire and water damage, ISN Dunfermline also provides restoration services for storm, impact damage, and leaks from an escape of water. Our broad spectrum of services guarantees comprehensive care for your property, ensuring it's restored to its prime condition.

Insurance Approved Builders Quotes in Dunfermline

Accurate building repair estimates are crucial when filing a claim with your insurance. As specialists in fire and flood damage, we offer personalised quotes that align with your insurer's requirements. For a quote, please use our straightforward online 'request a quote' form.

Collaboration with Independent Loss Adjusters

Working hand in hand with Independent Loss Adjusters (ILA), ISN meticulously advocates for you to ensure every aspect of damage to your property is precisely documented. This thorough approach helps reveal any underlying issues that might affect your claim. For our insured clients, this valuable service is offered at no extra cost when needed, providing additional reassurance during the claims process. By choosing ISN, the fees for these critical services by our endorsed loss adjusters are also taken care of by us, further bolstering the support we provide throughout your restoration endeavour.

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