Fire and Flood Restoration Dingwall

Welcome to the Independent Supplier Network (ISN)

ISN is at the forefront in Dingwall and the surrounding areas, offering expert building repair services tailored for insurance claims. Specialising in fire and flood restoration, we are your local team committed to bringing properties back to their pre-disaster glory.

Experts in Fire and Water Damage

Understanding the critical need for prompt and precise restoration, ISN brings extensive experience in fire and water damage repair. Our objective is to achieve a swift and comprehensive restoration of properties afflicted by these disasters, ensuring minimal disruption to your life.

Fire Restoration Services

The ordeal of a fire incident can be incredibly daunting. In Dingwall, our fire restoration team is on hand to ensure your property is rapidly restored to its former state. We're here to offer support and immediate assistance, day or night.

Flood Damage Repair Specialists

Urgent action is required in the face of water damage, whether from adverse weather or a water leak. Equipped with the latest in drying technology, our flood restoration specialists are adept at quickly identifying and rectifying water damage, ensuring your property's integrity.

Other Services

ISN's expertise doesn't stop at fire and water damage. We also provide restoration services for storm, impact damage, and theft and malicious damage. Our all-encompassing approach covers every aspect of building recovery, offering Dingwall property owners complete peace of mind.

Our Accredited Building Contractors

Within our reputable national network, ISN collaborates exclusively with certified and highly skilled builders. Our building contractors in Dingwall are recognised by leading industry organisations, ensuring exceptional workmanship and customer service. Plus, we offer a full guarantee on our restoration work, underlining our commitment to quality.

Get Your Quote from Insurance Approved Builders

When it comes to filing a property claim, accurate building quotes are crucial. As your insurance-approved builder in Dingwall, ISN specialises in repairing properties affected by fire or flood. For a comprehensive, no-obligation quote, contact us directly. Or, for convenience, you can submit your details via our online 'request a quote' form.

Partnering with Independent Loss Adjusters

ISN partners with Independent Loss Adjusters (ILA), professionals who negotiate with your insurance provider on your behalf. Following your initial contact, we act swiftly to assess and secure your Dingwall property, conducting detailed evaluations to ensure your insurance claim is fully compensated. Should you opt for our services, we take care of the fees of our recommended loss adjusters, easing the restoration journey for you. To find out more visit