Fire and Flood Restoration Brighton

Insurance Approved Builders

Welcome to the Independent Supplier Network (ISN), where our collective of local building contractors excels in reinstatement work for properties affected by unfortunate events. As specialists in fire and flood restoration, we have a team of adept builders in Brighton and the neighbouring areas, ready to offer their expert assistance to homeowners, landlords, and businesses alike.

Specialised Expertise in Fire and Water Damage Restoration

Boasting years of invaluable experience in the realm of fire and water damage restoration, ISN recognises the critical necessity for immediate action in such distressing times. Our foremost objective is to initiate and conclude all repair works promptly, thereby minimising any inconvenience. Offering collaboration with Independent Loss Adjusters (ILA) for those who might need it, we ensure a swift visit to your property in Brighton for a comprehensive assessment and to secure the premises, guaranteeing that your insurance claim fully reflects the extent of the damage.

Fire Restoration Services

The aftermath of a fire can be overwhelming, leaving property owners facing not only physical damage but also emotional distress. Our fire restoration specialists in Brighton are committed to swiftly restoring your property to its pre-incident state, providing support around the clock to secure your building and address any concerns. Skilled in managing the complexities of water and smoke damage that often accompany fire incidents, our recommended loss adjusters can liaise closely with your insurance company to maximise your claim entitlement.

Water Damage Repair

Water damage, whether from flooding or plumbing issues, demands a meticulous approach to avoid long-term structural issues. Our team of flood restoration experts in Brighton is equipped to tackle all facets of water damage, employing state-of-the-art drying technology to ensure your property is thoroughly dried, thus preventing secondary damages like mould or dry rot.

Insurance Approved Builders Quotes in Brighton

Should your insurance policy necessitate a quote for building repairs, ISN is at your service. As an insurance-approved contractor network, we specialise in addressing repairs for properties damaged by a variety of incidents, including fire, flood, impact, storm damage and theft. Contact us to secure a detailed building repair quote tailored to your insurer’s requirements.

Quality Assurance and Unparalleled Customer Support

ISN stands as a reputable network of national contractors, dedicated to delivering outstanding customer service and exceptional workmanship. Most of our Brighton-based building contractors are accredited by esteemed industry bodies such as FENSA, Gas Safe, and CHAS, ensuring all restoration work is performed to the highest standards, backed by a comprehensive warranty for your complete reassurance.

To provide seamless service, ISN Brighton will cover the fees for the Independent Loss Adjusters we recommend  if you decide to appoint us, reaffirming our dedication to assisting you through every step of your property’s restoration journey.