Claim Validation

Our Claims Validation Services

Independent Supplier Network offer a wide range of Claims Validation Services where precision and expertise converge to redefine the claims validation experience.

We understand that every claim is unique, requiring tailored solutions to ensure accuracy and efficiency. ISN offers three distinct levels of claims validation and assistance, catering to claimants, third-party insurers, solicitors, and brokers, specifically focusing on quantum validation of losses.

Our Basic Desktop Validation provides a swift and efficient assessment, delivering a quote and brief comments. This service is designed to offer quick insights, subject to adequate evidence, providing a preliminary scope of work that considers the extent of damage and expected liability for insurers. For clients who have already outlined a scope, we validate the associated costs, streamlining the process further.

For a more comprehensive analysis, our Detailed Desktop Validation dives deeper into the circumstances and value of the loss. Accompanied by a thorough examination by a loss adjuster, this level of validation includes in-depth desktop inquiries to refine the assessment further. This service ensures a comprehensive understanding of the claim, laying the groundwork for more nuanced and accurate quantum validation.

For high-value or complex losses, our Loss Adjuster Visit takes validation to the next level. Building on the offerings of the previous levels, this service includes an on-site evaluation, complete with photographic and 360-degree camera footage (subject to availability), precise measurements of the damaged area, and a professional independent loss adjuster's report. Additional services, such as obtaining witness statements and drone footage, can be included upon request.

Claim Validation Services